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Pusat Tuisyen Pendita (PTP / PENDITA) was officially formed on 2nd December 1994 with the objectives of teaching and guiding the Primary and Secondary School Students of different ethnic background in achieving their academic excellence.

During the formative years, PENDITA was operating on a single floor with the strength of eight academic staff and two administrators catering to 80 students then.


Through the years, PENDITA has achieved impressive recognition and success where it now employs 23 academic staff and 7 administrators to manage the operation as well as to look into the needs of a few hundred students.

The three-storey building equipped with the latest technological facilities has become a popular tuition centre in Sunway and its surrounding areas.


As PENDITA always places the highest importance in students academic excellence, it was awarded the "First Tuition Center in Malaysia to obtain the ISO 9001 : 2000 certification" by the Malaysia Book of Records.

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Principal - Ms.Saraswathy Suppiah

Teaching has always been my interest since young. As the principal of Pusat Tuisyen Pendita, I believe that education is the most important tool for achieving success in life. Therefore, everyone deserves a quality education with an affordable means.

I also understand that education is not appealing to many of the students. Thus, I always practice edutainment (education + entertainment) to ensure the students enjoy and learn at the same time.

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